It’s a cliché because it’s true: all this stuff is a collaborative art. Without the talents of Set Dressers & Prop Masters, Lighting & Camera, Fabrication & Construction et al., not much would happen!

There are several names for this type of activity: Set Design, Production Design, Art Direction, to name a few. And to make it more confusing, these titles and roles change according to industry.

Scenography, a rarely used term, is a more accurate description of this activity. While very little is achieved in isolation, there is a point in time when design takes place alone, in the mind. In the scheme of things, it is a relatively brief period—unlike the lonely art of the writer. After discussions and what if meetings, there is the solitude of the blank sheet. Someone has to make a mark and say: here there be a door and a room beyond. And so a process begins...anything can happen after that!

Design & Visualization are not the same thing, but they do blend into a unified process. Visualization is not only essential to communication across disciplines (where language can often fail) but is also an age-old form of concept testing.

Square Set

B&D Drill Set

B&D Wrench Set

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