The base object here (left) is a 3D grid which acts as a seed map for all content. It was, in its turn, generated by a similar process. The head and shoulder motif can be traced back through many years of work. The progenitor of this motif would probably no longer be recognizable in immediate visual terms. However, there is a traceable lineage, and the process that generates this lineage is one of the main subjects of this series of works.

A series of related motifs and images are projected onto a physical grid. Some projections may be digitized or manipulated versions of other works. Some of these projections will be photographed as they fall on the grid; these in turn will be digitized and further manipulated. One in a hundred or so is chosen to become a realized work. The work to be realized is projected and copied or mapped onto its own surface. It is now an object and will be cut into its own grid;

this object is then reproduced and projected and copied again. In this process variations will occur. Two works may look similar but they are never exact copies, however, they have the same grid in common. The individual pieces of each grid are interpolated with their corresponding pieces–it's as if the individual works were mated, producing two offspring. The parents remain as digital or otherwise recorded works, but they no longer exist as realized objects. The reassembled children are in turn photographed, and the process is ready to go through another iteration.

works from the Dionyisus Swister Series. 

Eventually, individual works emerge and are chosen as representations of substantial moments within the process, such as the two examples on the left.


Of course, there is more happening in each work than the process of its own generation: every work has its own series of references and individuated marking systems.


The surface subject matter has co-evolved with the interior matter, not unlike the relationship between gene and organism.


Somewhere within the process several seemingly arbitrary events took place.

These events are hidden, difficult to trace and even more difficult to defend!

These events are, perhaps the most important occurrence within the process. And I have spent a lifetime trying to understand them.


To discuss these events is beyond the scope of these few pages.



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